Ray Bridger


Hello everybody,

My name is Ray Bridger. I am a singer and songwriter and this is my story.

In the 60’s my band, ‘The Cheetahs’ was signed to the Philips Records label having songs in the charts both in the UK and abroad.

We toured all over the world alongside legendary bands like ‘The Beach Boys’ playing famous venues such as the ‘Star Club’ in Hamburg. The ‘Star Club’ had their own record label and we were lucky enough to have a song released with them. This was a rare and a great privilege for us, as only a few bands were offered that distinction. One of the other bands that shared that distinction was ‘The Beatles’!!

I’m always penning a new song or lyric and my latest inspiration is my granddaughter ‘Kalina Mae’. The songs ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ and ‘The Greatest Thing’ reflect the pride and joy I have in my beautiful granddaughter.

I hope you enjoy my songs and music. Please visit again to hear my latest songs.


Best wishes


Ray Bridger